If ever there was a man whose intentions and plans were totally misunderstood by those around Him it was Jesus. If ever there was a man steady, stable and focused while being misunderstood and facing the most intense pressure it was Jesus. He was acting in love.

These are thoughts drawn from Mark 14:42-52.

• He was betrayed by and insider, not an outlier. Judas and his new friends came armed to the teeth. They were ready for a fight. These were depraved men, blind to the truth. Deceived by Satan, and driven hate they came in the night looking for a Rebel, who they were convinced needed to be stopped. Jesus allowed them their moment of treachery.

• They came to intimidate with swords and clubs but Jesus ordered His overly zealous follower to lower and sheathe his sword.

• They laid hands on Jesus and He refused to resist. Their show of force was totally uncalled for considering His absolute innocence. Yet He allowed mere men to control His movements for what can only be considered the most horrible and yet productive moment in human history.

• Retaliation for unjust wrongs is consistently a temptation for a guy like me with a “justice edge.” Jesus knew the price He had to pay to buy our redemption. He refused to retaliate though He could have squished His detractors and these traitors like unwanted bugs.

• They treated Him like a com-mon criminal and His reputation came into question, but He refused to make a case defending Himself.

• All of His friends and followers abandoned Him at His deepest point of need. He didn’t melt. He didn’t detach. He didn’t run and hide. He simply refused to resist this joke of so called “justice.”

• Jesus is amazing. There’s His pro-found poise. And the courage and the willingness to sacrifice.

• Jesus was ready to fight, but not against anyone who betrayed or abandoned Him. He was fighting for the haters…a warrior who would win by dying. It was time to lay down His life. And He did it for all of us. He died for the lawless, the traitors and the cowards who deny Him.

• While terrorists today bomb villages and cities, rip heads from shoulders, and broadcast it to the world with technical precision and a misplaced passion, all in the name of faith and for the pleasure of their so-called god, consider this…Jesus didn’t terrorize. He was terrorized. He is the only true victim who never deserved to die, but did so we could live. Live with that kind of love and we might see a change in the world